Escalofríos 7″ Vinyl Record



Escalofrios 7" Vinyl Record

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Escalofríos Digital EP

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This limited vinyl pressing marks El Keamo’s first physical release since the project began in 2019. Released under the label Talacha, this EP features tracks “Cumbia pa Morirme” and “Gallina Funk,” two rhythmically related yet distinct songs that work to abstract the darker sounds of modern Mexican cumbia, taking past and contemporary sounds into a distinctive new direction.  

Escalofrios’ album artwork features a 3D rendered artifact that depicts the complexities of the Mexican identity explored in El Keamo’s music, created in collaboration with LA-based Mexican-American creative director Carlos Avila. 

The vinyl record features a transparent ruby hue, matte finish paper sleeve and is hand-numbered by the artist.  

Included with this release is an exclusive download of the digital copy of Escalofrios, which features two bonus tracks: “818 Tlayuda” and “Limewire KO,” as well as remixes from Tayhana (NAAFI), Brogan Bentley (Leaving Records), Plastic Toy Sounds (Kumbia Net), Santos (Cumbia Cartel), and Scout (Paradigital Sounds).

Note: Corresponding track labels are on opposite sides of the vinyl.



  • Limited transparent ruby red pressing
  • Hand numbered by El Keamo
  • Matte finish paper sleeve
  • Black matte paper inner sleeve
  • Push-Out Style Dinked Center
  • Exclusive digital download (includes two bonus tracks and remixes)


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