Mole + Cumbia Incense Sticks by J.Pera


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Like cumbia, mole is a complex arrangement of Indigenous, Afro, and European flavors. Presented for a limited run is a special collaboration between sound and smell; these incense sticks feature a unique fragrance featuring three contrasting scent accords inspired by mole: smoky, spicy, and gourmand. Meticulously crafted and iterated by L.A.-based scent studio—J.Pera—spearheaded by scent maker Jill Zachman. 

The incense sticks feature premium quality ingredients with a long-lasting stay even after burning. We recommend lighting one up after a nice mole dinner to set the mood just right.



  • Special Edition El Keamo Labels
  • Hand-Dipped in L.A.
  • Comes in 10 Pack Tube
  • Warm, smoky-sweet aroma
  • 40 min. burn time (per stick)



Smoke, Amyris, Hedione, Humid Earth, Pepper, Tobacco, Cinnamon, Dry Salt, Chocolate, Almond, Coffee, Musk


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